What features does Orphan Sponsorship Africa offer?


A ministry of Every Orphan's Hope, Chicks 4 Orphans is a viable poultry farming operation that helps provide financial and sustenance support for Zambian orphans and their "mamas." Starting with the purchase of day-old chickens, we raise them for six weeks, and sell these chicks into communities ravaged by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Proceeds go directly to caring for these orphans and widows in Zambia.


Camp Hope is a week-long Bible camp for children in and around Chongwe Village. The children participate in Bible study, prayer, praise and worship, crafts, games, and most importantly, they are introduced to the love and hope of Jesus Christ. They enjoy two to three meals a day; they receive a bandana and T-shirt; and, in 2013, every child received a blanket. While Camp Hope lasts one week, orphans walk away knowing they have a heavenly Father whose love is eternal.


A ministry of Every Orphan’s Hope, My Father's House Orphan Homes house 11 homes and eight children and a widowed woman whom they call “mama.” Construction teams have taken on various roles including painting, building exterior brick walls, laying sheet metal for the roofs, hanging doors, and constructing furniture. There is always a need in this ministry and no skill is required.


The GoodNews Wristband is an effective evangelism tool for individuals, youth groups, mission trips and outreach programs.  Its five distinct colors depict “the wordless Gospel.” Gold stands for God’s heavenly home (Phil. 3:20). Black stands for the sin that separates man from God (Rom. 6:23). Red represents the blood of Jesus (Rom. 5:8). White symbolizes forgiveness (John 3:16). Green symbolizes a believer’s growing relationship with the Lord (2 Pet. 3:18).


Sponsor an orphan through Every Orphan's Hope! 100% of your $27 goes toward the care of your child. That includes food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare. 100%. How is that possible? We have donors who are so committed to the mission of Every Orphan’s Hope, they give toward our admin costs.


Orphan Sunday is a global movement where churches around the world hold locally organized events to promote awareness of the orphan crises. The event began in Zambia and is held there on the first Sunday in October. In the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in November. If you’re interested in mobilizing your congregation and holding an event, contact Every Orphan’s Hope and we will provide you with an Orphan Sunday packet.

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